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1560 XS Foam (5 Gallons)

  • DD FOAM 1560


    Air-Drilling Foam


    DD Foam 1560 is a high quality, environmentally safe surfactant (foamer) with exceptional solids-carrying capacity developed for use in diamond, rotary, and water well drilling operations. DD Foam 1650 also has good inhibition properties which minimizes the formation damage and swelling caused by water infiltration.


    DD Foam 1560 has a half-life of approximately 7 minutes when used in fresh water in concentrations up to 3% by volume. This half-life can be adjusted to meet any particular need by combining the foamer with other Matex viscosifying agents.




    Add DD Foam 1560 into the water tanks in the required concentration and mix well prior to introducing the fluid into the airstream. DD Foam 1560 can also be introduced to the system through a foamer injection pump, should precise metering of the product be required.


    For stiff foam applications, add DD Foam 1560 in the required concentrations only after the viscosifying agent has been added and mixed thoroughly.




    Contact with skin and eyes should be avoided. Flush contacted areas immediately with water. Do not inhale fumes or ingest. If ingested, induce vomiting and contact a physician.


    Shipping and Storage:


    DD Foam 1560 is shipped in 5 gallon (20 liter) pails or 55 gallon (210 liter) drums. Containers are nonreturnable and should not be reused under any conditions. DD Foam 1560 can be stored either indoors or outdoors.