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Casing Cutter

  • Casing Cutters are designed for cutting large steel pipe using a round cutting blade. The Casing Cutter can be lowered to the desired depth by threading the Casing Cutter to the end of drill pipe. Air pressure is used to activate the blade while rotating. Most cuts are made in under two minutes.

    This internal casing cutter cuts below or above ground. Standard unit cuts 6" casing, and by adding simple adapters can cut 8", 10", and 12" casing.  Please contact us with your specific needs so we can provide the proper adapter for any sizes larger that 6" casing.

    Easy blade replacement.

    Works like a small external pipe cutter, but from the inside out. The cutting wheel penetrates deeper with each revolution.

    Approximately 100 revolutions needed for .250" wall 6" casing, which takes about 60-90 seconds.

    Easy operation by lowering the unit to the desired depth. Begin rotating clockwise while increasing air pressure to 150-200 psi.

    Continue rotating after cut is complete until all air pressure is bled off, otherwise you will break the blade during removal.


    Rental units available.