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Economy Diverter Boxes

  • These diverter boxes are used with casing advancement systems when drilling through overburden. They are mounted to the rig and travel with the casing and drilling string. The top of the casing slips inside the lower portion to divert the cuttings and fluids. A discharge hose at least 10 feet larger than the casing sections is recommended to direct the discharge away when the rotary head is raised all the way.

    The Seal-O-Grip mud seal can be welded to the bottom of the diverter box to create a liquid tight seal to the casing. The Camlocks make an easy and quick connection for the discharge hose.

    Click on size for diverter box dimensions* 4"  5"  6"  7"  8"  10"  12"  14"  16"  18"  20"

    * Dimensions subject to change without notice.  Please contact us to confirm application.