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HOLE CONTROL (5 Gallons)

  • A Unique Cost-Saving Fluid Formulated to Speed Up Hole Collaring, Reduce Collar Sloughing, and Stabilize the Total Blast Hole


    HOLE CONTROL can be used with air-rotary tricone, down-hole hammers, and all types of top hammer drills (surface and underground).
    HOLE CONTROL reduces redrills.
    HOLE CONTROL eliminates regrinding of cuttings, thus creating bigger chips for sampling purposes.
    HOLE CONTROL leaves a sticky, neatly stacked cuttings pile that is not prone to sloughing prior to loading the hole.
    HOLE CONTROL acts as a dust suppressant and reduces wind-blown fines.
    HOLE CONTROL allows blast holes to be fully loaded, helping to optimize blasting operations.

     Control Chemical can modify the formula to fit any mine's drilling conditions and provide start up and technical support.


    Product will separate slightly over time. The buckets need to be shaken vigorously before each use.

    The approximate mix ratio to achieve tank mix suitable for most drilling and hole conditions is approximately 1-1/2 quarts of Hole Control to 300 gallons water. This should give you a viscosity increase from 29 (water) to around 45, which resembles a heavy cream. Naturally acidic water sources will require more Hi-Tech additive to achieve the required viscosity.

    Any injection tank smaller than 300 gallons should have a proportionately smaller amount of Hole Control introduced. After exposure to the mixing procedure and the use of the product, the drill operator will soon become familiar with the desired result.

    Thorough mixing is achieved by using rig compressed air. An auxiliary air line with a moderate amount of air being released can be inserted into fill opening on tank. A few moments of turbulation in the tank will cause the Hole Control to emulsify, and the resultant yield of the product is easily evident. A convenient permanent mixing setup for daily users is to drill a small hole in the water tank and thread a standard air chuck into the tank. This provides an easy air line connection for the drill operator to mix the product.

    The emulsified Hole Control mixture is capable of passing through down-hole hammer assemblies, tricone rock bits, and the top hammer percussion assemblies. Hole Control is easily introduced into the circulation system by any OEM injection methods or auxiliary pump systems.