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Kwik-Klamp 4


  • Kwik-Klamp 4
    One of the safest time saving tools you will ever own

    The Kwik Klamp 4 is designed for increased load holding capacity on PVC, HDPE, rolled PE & galvanized pipe, but is not intended for bare steel drill rod.  It includes a safety pin to prevent accidental unclamping, and is extremely easy to operate with one hand.  Both the size adjustment and tension bolt are located inside the front jaw so they are protected from dirt and water.

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    • The Kwik Klamp 4 can be ordered with interchangeable jaws to fit your specific drop pipe needs.
    • Five Sizes: 3/4", 1 ", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2" (1.050" OD - 2.375" OD).
    • The serrations on the jaws are machined with a precision CNC mill to the exact pipe OD dimension which increases holding capacity and reduces pipe distortion.
    • The jaws are made from high grade carbon steel and heat treated for strength, dependability and long life.
    • Larger platform base for stability and better fit on larger diameter casing.
    The Kwik Klamp 4 includes one jaw set size.  Order additional jaw sets for additional pipe sizes.
    Click HERE to order additional inserts.