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PAROIL Diesel Engine Oil 15W40 (5 Gallons)

  • Premium Quality Diesel Engine Oil for Maximum Performance and Protection

    Engineered to Protect

    PAROIL from Atlas Copco is the ONLY oil tested and approved for use in all engines built into Atlas Copco compressors and generators.

    Extensive laboratory and field endurance tests on Atlas Copco equipment have proven PAROIL to match all lubrication demands in varied conditions. This is critical for reliability and reduced whole life operating costs.

    PAROIL Engine Oil from Atlas Copco

    Quality you can rely upon - PAROIL meets stringent quality control specifications to ensure your equipment will run smoothly and reliably.

    It's the economical and smart solution - The quality lubricant additives in PAROIL allow for extended oil change intervals without any loss in performance or longevity. Less time and money are spent changing oil, reducing operating costs without compromising reliability.

    PAROIL 15W40

    Mineral-based high performance diesel engine oil with a high viscosity index. Atlas Copco PAROIL 15W40 is designed to provide a high level of performance and protection in "standard" ambient conditions down to 5 degrees F.

    PAROIL 5W40

    Synthetic ultra high performance diesel engine oil with a high viscosity index. Atlas Copco PAROIL 5W40 is designed to provide excellent lubrication from start-up in temperatures as low as -15 degrees F. Low viscosity reduces cranking resistance in cold conditions.

    Atlas Copco PAROIL

    PAROIL from Atlas Copco delivers outstanding performance:

    • Superb anti-wear and corrosion protection
      PAROIL provides wear protection under extreme conditions. Powerful oxidation resistance, high chemical stability, and rust inhibiting additives help reduce corrosion, even within engines left idle for extended periods.
    • Extremely high oxidation stability
      PAROIL contains high quality antioxidants to control deposits, sludge, and contaminants that tend to build up under very high temperatures. PAROIL's detergent additives keep sludge-forming particles in a fine suspension instead of allowing them to clog your filter and accumulate in the valve/rocker cover area.
    • Balanced composition
      PAROIL releases excess heat efficiently while maintaining excellent bore-polish protection to limit oil consumption. PAROIL has an excellent Total Base Number (TBN) retention and more alkalinity to control acid formation.
    • Control the harmful effects of soot
      PAROIL prevents soot build-up by avoiding abrasive wear of valve bridge and avoiding increased filter pressure differential.
    • Optimized for the newest low emission category for heavy duty diesel engines
      PAROIL is optimized for the latest low emission EURO-3 & -2, EPA TIER II & III engines running on low sulphur diesel for lower oil and fuel consumption.

    Atlas Copco PAROIL engine oil is supplied in the following container sizes to suit customer requirements.