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PAROIL Synthetic Compressor Oil (5 Gallons)

  • Premium Quality Compressor Oil
    for Maximum Performance and Protection

    Engineered to Protect

    PAROIL is the ONLY oil tested and approved for use in all Atlas Copco compressors.

    Extensive laboratory and field endurance tests on Atlas Copco equipment have proven PAROIL to match all lubrication demands in varied conditions. This is critical for reliability and reduced whole life operating costs.

    PAROIL Compressor Oil from Atlas Copco

    Quality you can rely upon - PAROIL meets stringent quality control specifications to ensure your equipment will run smoothly and reliably.

    It's the economical and smart solution - The quality lubricator additives in PAROIL allow for extended oil change intervals without any loss in performance and compressor longevity. Less time and money are spent changing oil, reducing operating costs without compromising reliability.


    A mineral-based, premium quality oil with a high viscosity index (98). Atlas Copco PAROIL M is purposely developed to provide high levels of performance and protection

    • for single stage compressors in low pressure applications.
    • for compressors working in "standard" ambient temperatures between +18 degrees F and +104 degrees F


    A fully synthetic Premium quality oil with a high viscosity index (140). Atlas Copco PAROIL S is designed to provide optimum levels of performance and protection

    • two stage compressors in high pressure applications.
    • for all portable compressors in ambient temperatures between -13 degrees F and +122 degrees F.

    Atlas Copco PAROIL

    PAROIL from Atlas Copco delivers outstanding performance:

    • Excellent water separation
      Emulsified water in oil reduces the flow to lubricating points, encourages the formation of harmful deposits, and damages the bearings. To prevent this PAROIL permits easy separation and drainage of any condensed moisture in the compressor.
    • High oxidation resistance
      Atlas Copco PAROIL contains premium quality antioxidant additives. These help to minimize deposits and the formation of sludge and contaminants that tend to build up under very high temperatures. PAROIL long-life detergent additives keep the compressor internals clean and prevent contaminants from clogging the filter elements.
    • Balanced composition
      PAROIL combines superior heat absorbing and release characteristics for cooler running with excellent antifoaming. The latter ensures the rapid separation of air and lubricant in the compressor oil separator, keeps the oil clean, and prevents blocking of the oil separation filter, guaranteeing a low oil carry-over.
    • Superb anti-wear performance
      PAROIL reduces the adverse effects of moisture contamination with powerful anti-corrosion characteristics to protect the seals, bearings, and rotors of the compressor. PAROIL has high chemical stability and rust-inhibiting additives to further protect bearings and moving parts from acidic attack. Where longevity counts, PAROIL delivers.

    Atlas Copco PAROIL compressor oil is supplied in three container sizes to suit customer requirements.