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Well Probe Tape

  • Well Probe Tape


    • Selectable Indication - Audible buzzer or visual ultrabrite LEDs.
    • Thin probe sensor and segmented Stainless Steel weights - Easy to access, even through a 1/2" bolt hole.
    • Sensitivity switch - Variable settings for true reading in differing water and well conditions.
    • Highly Sensitive Probe - Indicates to within a fraction of an inch, yet is unaffected by cascading water.
    • Completely Self-Contained - No external power or ground required. Uses one 9-volt battery.
    • Complete and ready to use

    Tape Model

    Engineering and metric tape style models available with same sensitivity and features as coaxial cable models. Engineering scale calibrated in feet, inches, and tenths of inches. Metric calibrated in meters and centimeters. 9V battery required.